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Cheeks. Eyes. Lips. This can do it all. Glow is for those who loves a makeup look that can go from simple to bold in a blink of an eye. Pigments can be warmed to look like you “painted” it on or kept in a solid form to have a natural touch of color. The trick is to use a hot hair dryer to warm instantly. There is no wrong way to wear makeup, as long as it reflects the beauty in you. Organic beauty just got more attainable. 


The softest of colors. Lavender is for those who love pink but want to try something new. Highlighter? Absolutely beautiful. My fav. Try it if you want something that you have never seen before.



Mica is a natural stone mineral that has a shimmer. A natural glitter? Yes please! The problem is how mica is harvested. Like many other minerals, mica is mined. This calls for tiny caves and dangerous working conditions in places such as India. One specific area of India produces 25% of the worlds mica. Here, child labor is illegal.... but the underground business of mica means that one out of every five miners is under the age of 14. Mica is used in everything from cosmetics to car paints, at the cost of .77 cents per day to the miner. What about synthetic mica? Ones created in a lab? With no child labor? That’s micro-plastic. Which goes down our drains, into water ways, into our little fishies, and back into our bodies through ingestion. We need to take a stand as consumers to demand of companies to source ethically and eco consciously. At Naked Marketplace, we do this. We would not sell anything that we do not stand 100% behind. 


Use a clean hands to warm product in the pan. Do this by using circular motions with fingers until you get pigment sticking. If you live in a warmer climate then product may already be soft and ready to use. Place pigment in desired area such as eyes, lips, cheeks, collar bones, anywhere! It is best to build pigment to desired strength and use a small makeup brush to blend in areas desired. Remember, this is an all natural product with no preservatives so keep out of water and always store with the lid on.
Products can be used daily. ☀️ Morning and night 🌙 


Pigments are best removed with an oil cleanser. Using circular motions, gently rub in cleanser then use a warm wash cloth to wipe away. 


Shea Butter, Mica, Kaolin Clay

🌎 All products are created with the Earth in mind. Glass bottles and plastic tops are intended to be reused, but if you need to throw away then all items are recyclable. Cardboard containers can not be reused but are 100% recyclable. Aluminum tins can be reused, or recycled. 

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