French Green Cleansing Grain

French Green Cleansing Grain

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Want a new way to cleanse? We got you. A cleansing grain is made with all natural clays to pull our impurities while keeping pH balance in check. Pumpkin powder is full of antioxidants to give the skin a greasy and healthy glow.


Calms dry and aging skin
Firms skin cells to prevent wrinkles 
Repairs skin after sun damage
Battles hyperpigmentation 


Trading to an unconventional skincare routine can be scary! Gently cleanse your face with this naturally foaming cleanser - just add water. Cleansing Grains were formulated to gently and naturally clear the face of any dirt, pollutants or makeup. Every day, our skin sheds millions of skin cells and sometimes it needs a little extra help! Grains offer a gentle daily exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and prevents acne, inflammation, or buildup. 


Pour a quarter sized portion of clay into the hand, use a small amount of water to lather in the hands before transferring to the face. Product can be rinsed instantly or left on for up to 20 minutes to create a face mask. Use warm water to remove excess clay. 
Products can be used daily. ☀️ Morning and night 🌙 


French Green Clay, Sea Clay, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin Powder, Turmeric Powder

🌎 All products are created with the Earth in mind. Glass bottles and plastic tops are intended to be reused, but if you need to throw away then all items are recyclable.

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